Career Coaching

You want to take over the world, but you need encouragement and accountability.

Take control of your career with Career Coaching, Ñustas' personalized coaching program, aimed at supporting professionals who aspire to build successful and authentic careers.

At Ñustas, we define coaching as a conversation with an outcome. In each session we will partner with you to clarify your goals (those that keep you awake at night), uncover what is holding you back and develop clear action plans to help you elevate your game.

We have identified the most common coaching themes and developed frameworks and tools to help you navigate your transition smoothly. Our coaching sessions are 100% personalized, you choose what to include and we go at your own pace.

At Ñustas, we do not believe in linear careers or fixed recipes. Personalize your experience.

We have identified the most common coaching themes and developed frameworks and tools to help you navigate your transition smoothly. Our coaching sessions are 100% personalized, you choose what to include and we go at your own pace. Do you want to focus on clarity, employability & growth, career transition, global career, or create your own?

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  • Clarity:

    Gain clarity and purpose. Redefine your unique value proposition. Develop a 3-year plan. Some of our tools include: Ikigai, Diamond Inventory, Values Assessment, The 3-year Plan

    Employability & Growth:

    Elevate your personal brand. Build an intentional network. Master the interview process. Here some tools that can help you: Elevator Pitch, Linkedin Audit, 20-day Networking Grid, Interview Prep.

    Career Transition:

    Find your future-proof learning gaps. Craft your story aligned to your next step. Develop a roadmap. These tools can support you: Rocket Skill Set, Industry & Networking Screening, Storytelling, Career Roadmap.

    Global Career:

    Strengthen your success mindset. Overcome the master's program application process. Draft your global career plan. Our tools include: Essays Prep, Financial Plan, Success Mindset, Global Career Plan.

Bring your career to the next level with self discovery and intentional actions. 

Get clarity about your purpose and career goals so that you invest your energy and time in the right place.

Raise your self-awareness, by getting a better understanding of your skills, knowledge and work style, to expand your opportunities in the workplace.

Articulate a powerful personal brand and build a high-value network to achieve the promotion or career change you desire.

Create an intentional learning plan so that you develop the skills that will make you more employable in the ever-changing future of work.

Maintain consistent progress and accountability and if any barriers emerge, define a plan with your coach to overcome them faster.

Your path is unique. Choose what works for you. 

Coaching One:

One-to-one coaching session to address a specific professional challenge in a timely manner. Some of the topics are, salary negotiation, preparation for a job interview or performance review, LinkedIn audit, networking strategy, professional plan, among others.
  • Duration per session: 50 minutes
  • Number of sessions: 1
  • Total Cost: $ 150 USD

Coaching Packages:

4 or 6 one-to-one (1:1) coaching sessions to guide and hold you accountable during a career transition. Whether you are looking to boost your personal brand, make a career change, get promoted, build a global career, become a working mother or learn how to lead a team. We personalize the program, tools, frequency (within 1 year timeframe), according to your needs. Your coach will be available via email and/or whatsapp to support and champion you along the journey.

Coaching Four:

  • Duration per session: 50 minutes
  • Number of sessions: 4
  • Total Cost: $400 USD

Coaching Six:

  • Duration per session: 50 minutes
  • Number of sessions: 6
  • Total Cost: $550 USD

Lorena Carrasco

Organizational Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. + 10 years of experience leading Organizational Development, Talent Management and Change processes in Latin America, USA and Europe.

Coaching style:

Results-oriented, empathetic and learning-focused.

Coaching areas:

Confidence, clarity (on goals, purpose), personal brand, networking, career plan, career change, global careers, transitions (becoming a mother or a new leader for the first time), productivity and energy management.

María Alexandra Silva

Certified Executive and Team Coach. Communicator with more than 5 years of experience in leading Organization Development, Cultural Transformation and Change Management strategies in various industries (capital goods, infrastructure, banking & finance).

Coaching style:

Results-oriented, assertive and learning-focused.

Coaching areas:

Personal Brand, Networking, Career Plan, Soft Skills, Productivity and Agility.

I recommend Ñustas' coaching program as a journey of self-discovery that will help you propel your career, according to your own interests and goals. All while being part of a supportive community of women with the same vision of sharing knowledge and growing together.

Frida Baldeón

The mentoring and coaching I received helped me speed up my cultural adaptation and change of mindset to be more effective in my new role. The expertise of my coach on the subject also allowed me to approach good practices outside of the financial sector.

Daniel Cáceres

Coaching with Ñustas was a rich and very productive learning process. I loved that each session had clear goals and specific results. In addition, the materials shared afterward to put the insights into practice were extremely helpful.

ximena gonzales

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