We want you to grow, conquer your dreams and unleash your full potential.

By empowering you, Ñustas wants to inspire a movement of women to create a more equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace, where we can all thrive. Ñustas creates empathetic, research-based, and actionable Ed-Tech solutions that disrupt the learning industry for women’s career advancement. We are a community of women who bring their vulnerability and real-life experiences to help one another build successful careers, on our own terms.

We know what it's like to feel lost, anxious, overwhelmed...

At Ñustas, we give ourselves permission to feel and process those emotions. We help you move forward by developing actionable resources and by surrounding ourselves with inspirational women.

Are you looking to find your purpose, get promoted, find a new job, change industry, launch a global career, grow into a team lead or become a working mom?

We have created research-based solutions, frameworks and tools that have been tested and proven in over 5000 women!

When joining Ñustas, you become part of a safe and judgment-free community that shares real-life experiences to help you navigate these career and life transitions. Because we are in it, together!

That's how it all started

One day back in 2017, four Latin American women living far from home, started sharing their life stories, pains and hopes. Mariel was moving from the US to Australia, after leaving her startup in Peru. She lacked clarity about what was next for her. Lorena had just finished a Master's program at the London School of Economics, and her inner critic knocked at her door when thinking of her next career move. Patricia had relocated from the US to Mexico after quitting Google and she felt lost without her network and community. Karla had just moved to Germany for a temporary position to fulfill a professional dream. She felt guilty about leaving her family back home in the US.

Mariel, Lorena, Patricia and Karla, like many other women, go through personal and professional transitions continuously. They know that they want to live a purposeful life and make an impact.

They wondered how they could connect with more like-minded women who had gone through similar experiences or with role models who could provide inspiration for their career journeys.

They realized how many curated resources, methodologies, tools they had to guide women with similar backgrounds and career journeys. That late summer of 2017, Ñustas was born.

Mariel, Lorena & Patricia.
Co-founders of Ñustas

Lorena Carrasco

CEO & Chief Coach


Organizational Psychologist & Career Coach. 10+ years of professional experience leading Organizational Development and Talent Management projects in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Areas of expertise:

Change Management, Career Development, Coaching for Career Transitions.

Fun facts:

A lifelong learner and researcher. Tea, chocolate and book lover.

Mariel Renteria

Chief Business Development Officer


Entrepreneur & Learning Scientist, supporting people and organizations to rethink their learning culture for an ever-changing future of work. 10+ years of multi-industry professional experience in Australia, China, the US and Peru. 

Areas of expertise:

Career Change, Learning and Mentoring. 

Fun facts:

Dancer and foodie. Mari loves the sea and trying new sports. She has lived in 4 different cities in the last 4 years.

Patricia Palacios

Chief Technology Officer


Entrepreneur, life long learner, changemaker, growth strategist in the tech industry with 10+ years of experience working in sales, marketing, business development, partnerships at multinational companies (Google) and high-growth startups. Her purpose is to drive growth through education and technology.

Areas of expertise:

Technology, sales, marketing, partnerships, business development in Latin America, US and Europe. Career transition. Global career.

Fun facts:

Her love for travelling took her to tour the world for 1 year. Daydreamer and wine lover.


Areas of expertise:

Fun facts:

Ñustas around the world

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United States


Ma. Alexandra Silva


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Beatriz Canchari

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Alejandra Gomez



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