Career Boost

Develop the essential skills you need to build a strong and future-proof career.

Career Boost is a live, online training program that has helped more than 200 women to rise,  over 6th editions. You will learn actionable tools to strengthen your self-confidence, gain clarity, explore your potential, reinforce your personal brand, and implement a 3-year career plan. Join a community of brilliant women and discover how far you can get in just 6 weeks of training.
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What does Career Boost include?

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  • Group live sessions:

    5 live, highly interactive group sessions focused on teaching you new concepts and practical tools. All material will be also available for you to follow at your own pace. Duration: 5 weeks. 2 hours per session. 

    One-to-one (1:1) coaching session:

    One coaching session to take your career to the next level by developing a 3-year career development plan. Duration: 1 hour.

    Unlimited access to Career Boost:

    As a Career Boost Alumni, you can join any of the future editions of Career Boost completely free, so you can gain access to updated tools and resources.

    Lifetime community:

    Access to an exclusive group on LinkedIn where you will interact with a like-minded community of women and navigate your career transitions together.

With Career Boost you will:

Strengthen your self-confidence.

Gain clarity about your career goals.

Identify your strengths to unleash your full potential.

Develop a growth mindset.

Build a personal brand and a high-value network.

Define a professional plan for the next 3 years.

Program structure

Own your career advancement

Session 1: Inner Critic

September 14th, 7pm (Per/col/mx)

Strengthen your self-confidence and learn to make decisions from your potential and talents, instead of from a place of self-criticism or fear.

Session 2: My Purpose

September 21st, 7pm (Per/col/mx)

Clarify your purpose, talents, and the impact you aim to make in the world.

Session 3: Growth Mindset

September 28th, 7pm (Per/col/mx)

Acknowledge your potential, identify your development opportunities, and create a to-learn list. 

Session 4: Personal Brand

October 5th, 7pm (Per/col/mx))

Learn to manage your personal brand, tell your story and build a network that accelerates your professional growth.

Session 5: Action Plan

October 5th, 7 (Per/col/mx)

Define your professional goals and design concrete actions to get closer to the best version of yourself. 

Session 6: Career Coaching

October 25th - 29th

Consolidate everything you have learned and take your career plan to the next level with the personalized support of a career coach.

From the very first session in Career Boost, I felt comfortable and confident to express my concerns. Thanks to Ñustas I was able to clarify my purpose and move forward completely aligned to my interests

Nathia Redolfo

Career Boost is a powerful, disruptive, refreshing program that gives you the necessary tools to accelerate your career, in addition to providing a safe and judgment-free space to learn together.

Maricel silva

Thanks to Ñustas and Career Boost I have been able to build a professional development plan focused on specific short, medium and long-term goals.

marisol lozano

Join the next edition of Career Boost, starting in September 2021.

We run two programs a year, with a maximum of 30 participants per group.

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Join the next edition of Career Boost, starting in September 2021.

We run two programs a year, with a maximum of 30 participants per group.

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