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A community. A space to grow. A platform that aims to empower and accelerate the growth of professional women, so that they can build successful and authentic careers. We design learning and development experiences for professional women around the world.


Alina Mora<br>-Perú-

“Ñustas offered a revealing and transcendental experience. It has given me employability tools as well as the opportunity to reflect on my potential, my life purpose and my passion for work. It also awakened my role and contribution in closing the gender gap within the mining industry. Career Boost has an exponential impact. It is a high return investment for building or strengthening a successful career. The design of the course and the online learning platform is fully functional. And the best of all are the coaches. The professionalism, guidance and support they provide are really meaningful. I encourage all of you to take this course, join Ñustas community and experience what it is like to be embraced by brilliant women.”

Alina Mora

Valeria Mesía<br>-Francia-

“Dear Ñustas, thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in Career Boost- a space of exchange and genuine connection with other global professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as with myself. While moving to study and work in France, you helped me to increase my confidence, reconnect with my history and be brave to follow my purpose. This process to be honest with my feelings has been a necessary action of courage that we have tackled together. Today, as an expat in the global sphere, my vision and dreams are bigger than my fears. Thanks for building this powerful community that I am proud to be a part of”

Valeria Mesía

39 y.o.
Natalia Infante Chaves<br>-Colombia-

“Career Boost manages a great methodology and definitely it was a space where I maximized my personal and professional brand. We worked on applicable exercises and shared experiences with a diverse group of women, with different personalities and roles, all connected from different parts of the world. The professional experience and knowledge of the facilitators added a lot of value going beyond the exchange of theory and tools. I never thought that, through an online program, I could feel so much energy, cooperation, warmth, and support of the community!”

Natalia Infante Chaves

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